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Recommended for ages 14+

“The ultimate island holiday & training camp”

What options do you have?

In our lovely Island of Ibiza, you’ll be able to combine elite dance training with an unforgettable holiday.

If you’re from the Island, from Mainland Spain or any part of the world, we welcome you to share this unique experience.

We present you with a week packed full of the high caliber dance classes, where you’ll enjoy a great variety 

of dance styles. We have the highest level of international teachers with the most unique talent joining us,

and they’ll help you exceed all your expectations and challenge yourself.

We have organised different activities for you to get to know the real Ibiza, little magical gems of beach,

sun and sea.

We want your experience to be unique and be a perfect fit with your preferences.

We offer the option of different ‘Packages’ to enjoy the whole week fully.

You can choose the full course or selected days.

You can choose the pack with Hotel included, with a Twin or Triple shared room at Hotel Mare Nostrum,

only a few minutes walk from our Venue. Let us know if you want to share room with your friends or you

prefer we look for other dancers who’d like to share room too. The rooms have very limited availability, therefore we recommend you book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointments.

Have in mind the prices in Ibiza, specially in July, can get very expensive.

For more information about Hotel Mare Nostrum go to the ACCOMMODATION page.

Go to our PRICES page for all the Packages options.

As well as the masterclasses we offer Activities throughout the week, like The Paddle Surf, The Beach,

The Boat Trip and The Farewell Party on the last day.
You can choose to attend one or all of them in addition to your course.
For more information go to the ACTIVITIES  page.

Check the ‘Packages’ options we offer with the Activities already included on the PRICES page.

We have prepared ‘Buffet Lunch’ from the second until the last day, to make it easier at lunch time before class. After the morning activities or in between classes, we’ll have a 1hr15min break for lunch.
You can add the option of adding ‘Buffet Lunch’ on your course, for one or everyday you’re with us,

so you can replenish your energy for the next class. We have prepared an amazing all inclusive Buffet

at our nearby hotel “Mare Nostrum”. Like this we’ll all eat together without waiting around for the

food to be ready and get back on time for your class. You can choose this option when booking your course.

How will the week run?

We’ll start our first day by registering everyone in and having a brief introduction.

We’ll open our doors at our venue ‘ES VIVER’ at midday, check the schedule for exact times.

This way, if you are traveling from outside the island, you’ll have time to travel in the morning, freshen up and get ready to dance.


You’ll have 18 classes with 8 international choreographers in 5 days, so get ready to immerse yourself in a world of different styles, be it Hip Hop, Contemporary fusion, Jazz Funk, Heels

and Commercial. With the highest skilled and most experienced artistic choreographers.

Our days will be based in a combination of 3 or 4 classes in the morning or the afternoon,

letting us explore the island during the day or the night with the ACTIVITIES we offer you.

The meeting point for all the Activities will be our Venue, where we’ll pick you up to leave

all together.

On the way back from The Paddle Surf and The Beach we’ll go directly to the Hotel Mare Nostrum with time to each lunch before the start of class at 15:00 hrs. Make sure you choose the option

of ‘Buffet Lunch’ when you book your place so they’re included.
On the last day after the 3rd class you’ll have 1hr15min break for lunch before the last class

of the course. Those who have the option of ‘Buffet Lunch’ on your booking, will be taken with

our staff members.

And remember to use suntan lotion if you go to the beach, the Ibizan sun is unforgiving!

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